Tony Tesoriero

Tony is a highly respected and accomplished mediator.

He has been nationally accredited by the Law Society of NSW under National Mediator Accreditation Standards for many years and had a distinguished career as a Registrar in various capacities in the Federal Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia. For a time, he was also a Conciliator at the Fair Work Commission. In these roles, Tony conducted many mediations in all areas of federal jurisdiction (except family law).

Tony began mediating as a private practitioner in 2019 and has since mediated commercial, industrial, employment, maritime and partnership disputes.

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Peter Banki

Peter is one of Australia’s most experienced intellectual property practitioners.

He has specialised in intellectual property for many years, advising clients in the publishing, digital, information and entertainment industries how best to identify, manage and protect their assets. He has represented his clients in courts and tribunals and been active in legal policy debates on reform of the relevant law through his membership of various professional bodies and international and Australian government advisory committees.

In 2019, Peter trained as a mediator at the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution in London. He became nationally accredited by the Law Society of NSW under National Mediator Accreditation Standards and now focuses on using his experience of the legal and commercial environment in which media and intellectual property transactions take place to mediate disputes.

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Julie Robb

Julie has practised in dispute resolution as a lawyer since 1989. In the same year she obtained her accreditation as a mediator from LEADR (now Resolution Institute). She refreshed that accreditation with National Mediator Accreditation Standards through the Resolution Institute in 2021.

While on secondment from Allens in 1994, Julie devised and implemented the mediation service of the Arts Law Centre of Australia, the national community legal centre for the arts, where she went on to become its Executive Director.

Julie heads the disputes practice at Banki Haddock Fiora, acting for clients in commercial and intellectual property litigation in Federal and State courts. She is as long-standing member of the Litigation Law and Practice Committee of the Law Society of New South Wales and in 2022 she joined its Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee.

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